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Twin Cities Meetup on April 14th at MinneBar

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Hey Folks, I don't post in here much (actually this is the first time). Last year I ran a session at MinneBar where a bunch of people got together and talked about Keyboards!

If you're not familiar with MinneBar, it's a free un-conference from MinneStar a local tech advocacy group.

For more details on the session, the details are here:

No information on what time slot it's going to be in yet, but the day is Saturday April, 14th at the Best Buy Headquarters in Richfield, MN.

For more information about MinneBar, see here:

Signed up =)

See you there!

Wish I could make it! Maybe next time  ;)

Ah damn, would have been nice to come to this.  Shoot me a PM if there's anything planned in the future.

SHOOT, I would have gone, had I known. Let me know when it happens again.


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