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Indianapolis MK Meetup

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I'm super excited to share Indianapolis' first organized MK meetup (afaik)! I'ts going to be held at Launch Indy downtown on May 5th, 2018 2-6pm. Here's the RSVP form:

I am not the organizer, but can definitely get anyone in touch with the organizer. Can't wait to get together and get our ~feelios~ on!

p.s. I'll be bringing a pok3r with cherry clears, planck with 67g zealios, gh60 with Kaihl box Pale Blues, and Rama M6-A with box navy! Really hoping to be able to try some lubed cherry blacks and some topre switches!

Great, I was wondering when I would see one in Indy!

Sweeeet, see you guys there.

What happened with this meetup?  Did it happen?  I organized one years ago, turn out was quite sparse:

Yes it happened and had a pretty good turnout.  Maybe 35 or so people?


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