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[IC] Detroit, MI Meetup?

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--- Quote from: wholypantalones on Sun, 25 November 2018, 18:04:16 ---Possibly if it's closer to spring or summer, Michigan drivers are morons when there's  weather.

--- End quote ---

FTFY. Also, Made the move to FL this year...these idiots can't drive through anything either. Feels like I never left home haha. Good luck with the meet! Sad I won't be in the mitten to help.

As it happens, I am local to Detroit. Even moreso than you are in Toledo.

If I recall correctly, there were very few of the 'old timers' of the site from this region, so I doubt there'd be anyone I've been particularly well acquainted with. Also depending on what level of "show and tell" is expected, the border might be a strange place to bring a car full of keyboards.

Yeah, I don't really know anyone in the area who's interested in keyboards either. I figured it would be worth a shot to try.

I'm in West Michigan, might be able to make Detroit work!

Necroposting, but Ann Arbor sounds like a much better location for a mech meetup


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