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Keyboard of the Month - February - Vote

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Afternoon all and happy Daylight Savings time or whatever it is (we don't go forwards till the end of the month but there we go).

Here we are with February's Keyboard of the Month vote and have we got an ergo extravaganza for you!

We have first up, iso's MEK

Second, Shmozart's Rule of Thumb

And finally, Liliabug's ToucheLibre

Three great looking custom made ergo boards for you to cast your vote over! As always the poll will last for seven days, good luck!

Hello, the image link to ToucheLibre has a problem.
Could you correct it please.

Thank you so much.   :D


--- Quote from: Lili„Bug on Tue, 10 March 2020, 07:46:34 ---Hello, the image link to ToucheLibre has a problem.
Could you correct it please.

Thank you so much.   :D

--- End quote ---

Sorry! All done now

Crikey... February is blowing my mind!

MEK's looks like it was ripped straight out of an episode of Ghost in the Shell
Shmozart's looks like Apple cyberpunk chic
And wow... Lili„Bug's ToucheLibre looks like it belongs in a game parlor or something, sitting beside a custom chess set...

March-Dec have a whole heck of a lot to show for if they even want a chance at KotY 2020
Just deciding February is gonna be hard enough, but I think I know the determining factor that I will settle on. All three boards are incredibly unique, have intriguing layouts, and take ergonomics in different ways. It is true, that while I'm more impressed with some of the other designs overall ingenuity, only one of these boards has the appearance and overall feel, to me, of something that is completely finished. I don't mean finished as in "done building"... I mean that in terms of "fit and finish". With that taken into mind, I have a clear standout that will get my vote.

To the two who don't get my vote, don't feel bad! This was one of the toughest KotM votes I can even remember!

this went from ez to one of the coolest months ever.

still stuck with the one I said I'd vote for


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