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I was wonderingif you could supply the two color codes used for the keycaps as I would like to modify my keyboard to match the keys.

I have received mine! Here are some pictures ;D

I just have two questions:

1.)Has anyone had trouble with the stabilizer positions being to wide to snuggly fit the stabilizer? Sorry, I'm a bit of a newb, so I'm not sure how to better describe it. Essentially the side mounts on the shifts, backspace, and enter will not hold the stabilizer plug that goes on the wire, making it incredibly difficult to get them onto the board with the stabilizer (I'm running my stock keys in those three positions now).

2.) Should the key in the last picture look like that?

Overall, I'm very pleased! I just hope to get the shifts, backspace, and enter mounted whether it be with new keys with snugger pin holes, or a trick I'm missing.

EDIT: Both questions resolved.  :)

Got my J keycap today :D
So happy with the customer experience and service :thumb:


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