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Meowcaps V1

Chairman Meow

CMYKeys Modifiers

Topre Modifiers V1

SnacKeys Series 1

Furt βeta

MeowCaps V2 & PurrKeys

Key-Wala & Kill-Wala

Booper X KeyKollectiv: Kosmonavt V1 (Feb 2016)

Topre Modifiers V2 (April 2016)

Retrochick x KeyKollectiv: Frankenfurt (June 2016)

Snackeys 2: Bento Blanks (August 2016)

Snackeys : Fruit Reboot (October 2016)

Furt Reborn & Flubbert (Jan 2017)

Meowcaps Ver. 3 (April 2017)

Booper X KeyKollectiv: Kosmonavt Reissue (July 2017)

Other Released
(Ghetto Blaster/Jukebox with Topre Modifiers V1, Blanks Various, SnacKey Fns, Watermelon B-Hole and Smegface NC x GAF)

Accessories & MomKollectiv
(Furt Sleeve, Spring Fling Furt Sleeve, Watermelon Sleeve, Spring Fling Furt Plush, Furt Reborn Reversible Plush, Furt-Melon Plush, Nigiri Plush, OG Furt Plush, Strawberry Plush, Banana Plush, Furt Keychain, KK Logo Keychain, Cat HHKB Mousepad, Logo Pin, Logo Decal, Graffiti Logo Decal, Set of 6 Colorway Kosmonavt Decals, Kosmonavt Art Card, Kosmonavt Graffiti Art Card, Cat HHKB Art Card)

Not Released
(Akanbe and Squll Squadron)

Check the Design Catalog for all sculpts and colorways! KeyKollectiv's design catalog - The Hatchery -

(Early Caps) My first posts in this thread.

Topre Doubleshot Grey and Purple Semi Trans Fn and Esc, these are awesome quality and fit great.

Topre Purple Fn Trans and Teal Esc Trans, these are awesome colors, nice logo inside too.

I love the colors, and the profile is spot on!

those snackeys are legit.

been meaning to take a better picture of my gift oxblood set all week, but all the ones i attempted to take today in the sunlight came out pretty poorly (these caps turn into mirrors pretty easily and i suck at photography =/). so here's a couple classic btc priority box pics  :))

Awesome photos guys!!!!!!!  :thumb: Those snack keys are nuts!!!!  :eek: Hell yeah!

WOW! I thought there would be way more photos by now. I was one of the last modifier orders made, I believe. Most of the buyers must be on Reddit I assume, ey?

These were well worth the wait, these are AMAZING! First off, Ive been wishing an Artisan would make modifier caps. No one seemed to want to do it.. Synjin made a partial orange set which was close, but he never finished the whole set. (I understand why, now that Kudos says how hard it was and he doesn't wish to do it again) BUT, he made some! So that is what matters right now. :] The color is amazing and the quality is superb! Awesome caps man.  :cool:

Shallow Mallow Purple, HHKB Pro 2 Set


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