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3D printing keyboard infill?


Hi Guys, I just wanted to than you guys for pointing me in the right direction a few months ago with the situation of whether I should get my keyboard case printed from a service, or find someone around me to print it, or just get a 3D printer. After some thought, I realized that I would probably want one anyway at some point, and its just a useful thing to have. Of course, I didn't really know what I was getting into, as is the case with most of the hobbies that I pick up, but I've done enough tinkering and adjusting on my Elegoo Neptune 2s at this point that I've got it to complete prints pretty consistently and I'm ready to print my case. However, when I asked you guys the question that I did in November about how I should go about printing my case, there was some discussion about not being able to control parameters like infill %. I was just wondering what would be a good infill percentage for something like a keyboard case.

Also, just a side, note, I thank you guys for introducing me to a new hobby that is much like other ones I have, for example the Linux operating system. When you want something to be done, you run into a problem. Then, when you spend copious amounts of time fixing it, you immediately run into another problem and so on until finally you get the damn thing working. The reason why I like that is really for two reasons. A, when you do finally get it working it feels so much more rewarding. B, you learn about your hobby ten times faster because you are forced to, if you don't, it doesn't work. So anyways just wanted to thank you guys for that.

For a sturdy case an infill of 30% is enough. Also 3/4 wall layers and 4/6 top bottom layers. Depends on what you need.

Those stats sound good, however if you think the stats need to be more specific, I'm printing a dactyl manuform 4x5

30% with 4 perimeters or 40% with 3 perimeters should be good.
More perimeters will add more strength which is good for structural parts but on a keyboard sound is also a consideration.

One good strong infill print is better than doing it a second time so I always default to more, and besides, plastic is cheap.


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