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'92 Model M (missing a cable)

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$38 US after shipping.

More than likely this thing works perfectly (how often do you hear about Model M's breaking?), so it's one hell of a steal if you're up to replacing the cable.

*link fixed*

Listing removed already. :(

Oops! Bad link, fixed!

as a plus, it's got the nice green ALT keycaps, but (as a minus) it's missing L CTRL.

Luckily SDL cables are pretty cheap. Someone please buy it instead of bidding :P

I don't know, getting a cable, shipped, is probably going to cost you $12, or $25 if you get one of orihalcon's USB cables.

Have Model M prices really risen to the point that this has become a "good deal"?

If so, I might have a couple that I would consider selling @ $50 shipped, including cable.


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