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New guy here. I've been a software programmer for a couple decades now; I started my career around the dawn of Java, so yeah, I've used keyboard professionally for a long time now. The first keyboard of interest would be the HHKB which I switched to because my right wrist was killing me due to having to reach around full size keyboards for the mouse. I also started using trackpads around the same time with the FingerWorks GesturePad.

Since that HHKB from way back when, I've dabbled on and off in the current hotness of mech keyboards. I got a few Tada68 about 5 years ago and I used them with Gateron Silent Browns or Aliaz 60g switches under DSA keycaps for a long while now. More recently, I realized I missed the opportunity to upgrade to the hot swappable dz65rgb boards (why hasn't someone just cloned them? I think there's clearly a lot of demand...) but managed to scrounge up a couple pcbs and swapped out my Tada68 boards. I've recently fallen in love with the silence and great tactile feel of Durock Shrimps and will eventually migrate all of my Tada68 cases to have dz65rgb boards.

I wandered over here because it looks like reddit might be in the process of slowly imploding or at least starting a long slow dive towards irrelevance.

Anyway, I'm usually pretty busy during the week, but on evenings and weekends, I'll probably hang around here a bit.