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Windows 11 (to be announced June 24, due in October)

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Windows 11?
But I thought Windows 10 was the last Windows, well it was according to Microsoft but plans change (and branding is hard and expensive).

Edit: I got a test copy last night, confirmed things now marked, yes with an image, strike when false.

So what's expected?
No one's actually put out anything (announcement is June 24) but we can probably make some predictions based on what was/is scheduled for Windows 10 and other ideas they've floated and where the market is headed. MS isn't really that innovative which makes them rather predictable.

The easy:
We know there is new icons coming, and that they plan to make a new push on the app store but those are planned for Win10, I suspect app store will be VERY prominent. There's also long (too long) talk of finally killing the old control panel . While I and probably you would like to say good riddance be careful what you wish for (Edit: not so bad!). There is quite a few areas of the new layout that is quite bad and being a control panel I suspect this is left to the lowest programmers because it just needs to function which is a low bar. Most of this was slated for Win10 they just hadn't been rolled it out, will they hit Win10 before Win11 is difficult to say but odds are they will be in Win11. (Edit: So far all pretty good)

The more difficult guess:
The most likely and the reason for the name change though is also the most radical, Windows is going web based and/or subscription based. It's long been rumored to be going subscription based but why web based? Because Chrome. The biggest threat to Windows in the last 30 years is not Mac, not Linux, not IOS or Android, it's Chrome. It runs on cheap devices and more importantly it's KILLING them in schools. What happens when those students are making buying decisions for companies? MS is close to losing an entire generation of Windows users and they need it to stop. This also ties those users to their app store which is like a built in monopoly, and this is one fight MS doesn't even have to fight, Apple is doing that for them. Going web based would allow them to put back the last missing bit of spyware, key logging. It was in Win10 early on but removed after France started asking questions.

My bet is they planned on a whole new name but creating a new brand from scratch is hard (and expensive) which is why the Galaxy name encompasses almost every Samsung phone and tablet instead of just the high end model, why we have a SUV based For Mustang. MS is equally bad if not worse Windows S, Windows X, Windows RT or better still just look at the Xbox naming system, It's pretty much a given they at least considered calling this Windows 365 but speculation points to it having a final name of Windows 11 based on a Youtube post put up by MS.

Edit: Starting to look like the UI is some similar to several newer OS, Gnome, Chrome etc... You will either love or HAAAATE the start menu changes. Mostly it looks like Windows 10X or a slight reskinned Win10. Why they needed a new OS name, who knows.

Other predictions:
Soft locked to the App store - Similar to current macs, it will heavily rely on the app store. It may or may not default to this but it will have a toggle.
Spyware - if web based it will allow them to re-enable the keylogger which is pretty much the only thing missing.
Possibly Linux kernel based - A very long shot but more likely on a web based version.

Edit: Mostly Win10 (10X) all over again with a slightly different look.

Will it be good?
Generally every other Windows version is good, personally I think this is a poor metric but people like to use it. XP was good, Vista was bad, 7 was good, 8 was bad, but do we count 8.1? The other problem is the very nature of Win11, if it's web based it will be something very different so it could be a home run or a complete and utter flop depending on who you ask, the one is you will have even less control of your computer. Personally, I want it to be good and I'm sure a lot of people will love it but there is almost zero chance this will be good for end users as a whole or even the industry, maybe even the planet to be honest. Extreme? How many laptops on the market are disposable and irreparable as of now? If this is web based and all your data is online you have even less reason to repair an older system and stores will just encourage you more and more to just replace it, just as Apple does now. Like Apple, MS is fighting right to repair legislation and this would fall right into that trap. After all, why fix it when you can get a shiny new computer for only a little more, and it comes with a new Windows license. Want to switch to Mac, sorry all your data is in the cloud so it won't be an easy move. So again, will it be good? Absolutely not, but it won't be obvious to most right away because all they will see is shiny.

Edit, I have always said Win10 was good, it was just MS policies that make it bad, this is no different.

More info:
Limits on remote access, not sure if unique to this)
Lots of arbitration clauses, again not sure if unique.
No mention of subscription, unlikely given it;s just Windows 10X.

Nice new installer, faster, simpler, nicer look.
Looks really nice, probably best out of box looking OS in a long time.

New start menu is love or hate. Apps are now an extra click with a button at top right of the window. MS is determined to bury it. Once clicked it's as disorganized as Win10. Sorry, i just don;t get or like that setup. It's just jumbled. You can divorce start from window lists and both can be left or centered, it's a bit buggy however at the moment. Many seem to dislike the centered start, which moves as apps are loaded, many like the consistent location and ease of access in the corner.

More Bing integration.
Setup/control panel simplified with removal of almost all of the old control panel. Looks and functions well except when you stumble onto an old panel from the old one, not all are reskinned but overall an improvement with less things buried so you can;t find them. Like show extensions in file explorer, which is actually defaulted to on(!) if you can believe it. Will that stay, we can hope, it's a security issue MS has always ignored.

Note: Nvidia also announced no more Win 7 or 8 drivers as of October this year, if you want to game you WILL be needing Win10 or 11 or switch to Linux.

Prolly something around a custom cpu.  There's no way windows can continue to compete in the mobile space as is.   Apple's m1 and ios is a knock out.

I'm expecting a total ****-show, in typical Microsoft fashion. Forced subscription-based Windows RT, or something like it.
Something that nobody wants.

Since Win10 has taken to holding my pc hostage to force updates I don't want I'll be switching to Linux

Just the other day I was thinking about how long it has been since windows has tried to shill a new OS. Well now I know.

If it is subscription based, I am out. If I am forced to deal with an app store daily, I am out.

Then again I was literally looking at the new macs thinking about over paying for one simply because it comes in purple and I do **** all gaming now. Potentially, looking at being locked into 4 years of intensive tertiary education so only need a word processor and basic internet access. At least it would look pretty. Oh **** what happened to me.


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