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[GB] KAM Soaring Skies - (CLOSED) in Fulfillment with vendors

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KAM Soaring Skies

Taking off from Narita Airport: Sleek, glossy, and uniform keycaps!

These are shots from the factory. Colors may differ depending on your home lighting situation, most people will see this in rooms with warmer lighting.



Base Kit will have the option to remove the stripe if so desired.


DISCLAIMER: Previous versions of the JIS kitting featured a 4.5u spacebar. Due to the cost of the custom mold, this will not be run. For future set runners, please consider a KAM JIS kit!



U80 by RAMA Works

Fuji65 by CMM.Studio

KBD8X Mk.ii by KBDFans

Cypher by Cable Car Designs

This kitting is a combination of text TKL mods, latin-only alphas, and numpad kits. A stripeless layout is totally doable!

V4n4g0n by Trash Man

Blanks will have 40's support out of the box, but may require a spacebars kit for split bar layouts.

Nemui by Bachoo

Ikki68 Aurora by Wuque Studios

GB Date

GB Date is from October 28th - November 30th, 2021.
As of January 2023, zFrontier has begun shipping to customers with other vendors in sorting or awaiting their orders. Thank you for your patience as you get your sets!


US - Vala Supply
CAN - Ashkeebs
UK - Prototypist
EU - MyKeyboard
CN - zFrontier
SEA - Zion Studios
JPN - Basekeys
AUS - SwitchKeys

UPDATE: There was a discrepancy been prices on zFrontier. The prices have since been adjusted and match my sheet. Sorry about the mishap!

Sales Numbers
UPDATE: Sales are not finalized yet, waiting on zFrontier's numbers and extras from several vendors. Currently we are at 120% MOQ! All kits will be made.


Mochi Caps

Artisan Renders: (HIBI)

Special Thanks To...

Keycraft Collective + Cute Keyboard Club

To all of you KAMrades, I am grateful we've gotten to connect with each other over this! It really did make the wait worth it.

And I could not thank people without mentioning acitrin, a wonderful friend who's been there through so much of the design process. This project would have been over in a long time ago if it weren't for them, and I am so grateful for the help at every step of the way. Thanks again for everything, friend!

And to everyone, thank you for your support!

Stay updated!

For updates, you can check out [KAM Soaring Skies channel in the Keycraft Collective Discord]

Instagram page for the set and possible future designs!

great keyset! good luck with gb! 💙

Hyped! Will buy on the first day 💖

Mr Chrome:
GLOSSY KAM??? I think youíre holding my wallet hostage.

Itís a shame the renders donít make it 100% clear how glossy these will be. The samples are... :eek:


Great looking set, Hakata. so stoked for this!


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