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Akko Jelly Purple review


After testing the switches for about two weeks I can say I absolutely love these. They are great for typing but I don’t mind gaming with them either. I am no pro gamer but for my casual sessions I have no complaints. Comparing the jelly purple switch to my Gateron brown these feel smoother and have less ping. I did lube the switches which I usually recommend but the effect was not as big as with the Gateron switches.

Akko uses 3-pin switches which makes them usable for almost any hot-swap board. The CS switches do not cause interference with Cherry profile keycaps which is great. For those of you who can’t get enough of that rainbow puke there is some good news! Because the bottom of the switch is transparant colors really pop.

I am very pleased with the overall feeling of the jelly purple switches from Akko. In fact I liked them so much that they are my current daily driver.

You can read my full review here:

I also share coupon codes on my website to get 10% off on Akko products from their official European store, (ships worldwide). Just check the website or ask me personally.

Ill soon be reviewing the new MOD007V2S which is the first DIY keyboard from Akko to have south facing LED's.

Ya. Akko was usable

AKko simply has too many switches to choose from... Now they have the Piano switch. I really don't know how to pick lol

Thank you for sharing your review of the Akko Jelly Purple switches! It's great to hear that you are enjoying them for both typing and gaming. The fact that they are compatible with almost any hot-swap board and do not interfere with Cherry profile keycaps is definitely a plus. And thank you for sharing the coupon codes for Akko products on your website, that's very helpful for those interested in trying them out. I look forward to reading your review of the MOD007V2S keyboard with south facing LED's.


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