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MoreThe DD-40 is a 12.75u wide gasket mounted 40% keyboard with an RGB LED strip sandwiched between the macro-column and main alpha cluster. Both WKL and HHKB top cases will be available, and the seamed design allows for a two-tone case via available extra tops.

This board is my ideal for a staggered 40% keyboard layout. The 12.75u main cluster gives me the right amount of punctuation and keys to do everything I want without an abundance of layers, while also reducing hand travel as I type. I wanted to include a macro column both for additional flair and as a display piece for artisan keycaps. I thought the LED strip would also serve as a nice visual piece and an homage to one of the board's primary inspirations, the TMO50.

The case design involves some of my favorite design elements in modern keyboards - sharp edges and a two-tone aesthetic. I think the ability to mix and match colors unlocks a lot of potential for theming and photography and is visually appealing, but also optional for those who want a more minimal color palette.

The 6-point gasket system was chosen to give some slight muting that would not necessarily come from a top-mount. Additionally, the position of the mounting points were meticulously chosen in order to give the keyboard an exceptional level of consistency in both sound and feel.

Group buy details:

* Price: $265 for anodized colors, $280 for e-white
* Format: FCFS (unlimited)
* Date: Monday September 12th - Monday October 3rd
* Colourway options: e-white, black, crimson, navy
* Layout options: HHKB and WKL, each has big bar and mini bar layouts
* Estimated shipping timeline: Q1 2023
Board info:

* 4 typing angle
* Gasket tab plate
* 19.5mm front height
* QMK and VIAL-compatible DB PCBs
* Accentuated seam
* Optional RGB diffusion strip
* Weighs roughly 2 lbs 1 oz built
Kit Includes:

* Case top and bottom
* Black aluminum anodized plate
* Solder PCB
* Gaskets
* Feet
* Torx Screws
* Frosted acrylic LED diffusion window
* Polyfill

* Additional aluminum plate: $30
* FR4 plate: $20
* POM plate: $25
* CF plate: $35
* Solder PCB: $45
* Additional feet: $6
* Additional JST/DB: $5
* Additional gaskets: $5
* Additional tops: $75 anodized/$85 e-white

Additional Color Renders:


Additional Photos:


Typing tests:

Xinxinwong - Lavenders with aluminum plate | (full build stream here)

Layout Support:

Two tops will be available, an HHKB top and a WKL top. Each has its own plate to avoid swiss cheese. Each layout has full space and split space layouts available

Special Thanks:

* Dingusxmcgee For all the help on this
* OCM Logo, 3DP protos, and moral support
* Liv PCB design and renders
* James, Upas, Ana, Chippy, M1w, and the CannonKeys Crew For helping this become a real board
* Xinxinwong and Lightning For doing build streams
* Taylor and many others For support and feedback throughout this process

Approved :thumb:


Hi does this thock


--- Quote from: Blind_Panda on Tue, 13 September 2022, 18:51:26 ---Hi does this thock

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Thock, clack, schlick, and plop are all supported sound profiles


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