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The Vape Thread!

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Turbo Slaab:
I just started vaping a month or so ago and figured I'd create this thread to see if anyone else here is into it.

I started vaping to cut down/quit smoking cigarettes and so far so good. I tried the cheap, throw away ones at the gas station and they just didn't satisfy me enough to stick with them. So recently these brick and mortar stores started popping up locally and I decided to give it another shot, but with real hardware this time. Needless to say I quit analogs the same day and haven't touched one since. I still have an unopened pack and a few in an open pack that I carry around in my bag just so I don't have that "naked, gotta buy some NOW" feeling. Haven't felt the need to smoke any of them though. I think the key is to find a setup thats right for you.

Anyone else here vape?

I use blu. I don't like it. 3 months so far.

Turbo Slaab:

--- Quote from: genkigavin on Thu, 04 April 2013, 12:34:21 ---I use blu. I don't like it. 3 months so far.

--- End quote ---

That's impressive that you've stuck with it that long! I couldn't get into the "cigarette style" ones. They just don't have the power to get good vapor production or throat hit. I found this quite helpful: His video's are good and he knows his stuff. Also he covers basically everything you'd ever need to know.


Ohhh now there's a thread! Hate level rising! :p
Naw, the more crap you guys list out, the easier it is for me to search and buy stuff :)
Oh and I'm a smoker, but not inside. Unless its my hookah, which I love.


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