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The Group Buy

Order Here: [Orders Closed]

Price - $115


$7 US

Payments collected by BunnyLake
Shipping done by Codyeatworld
Support via BunnyLake and Tym

This groupbuy will be live for 45 days

As with any gmk buy, numbers are important, I will make this happen no matter what, but I would really appreciate every single order to help along with the MOQ

Any donations given with orders for this set, will go directly towards adding extra keys to improve the set for everyone

Final mockup


This is the being produced by GMK in Germany

Post Production Pictures


Some keys were both changed between the original mockup and the final set being produced by GMK, you can see all changes and additions between the original and final mockup above


13/4/2016 (Latest) As of this time there are about 50-60 remaining sets which are slowly going out as and when Cody manages to ship them, we expect this to be wrapped up incredibly soon and shipping is 90% complete

Final Notes
This thread is for discussion relating to the Group Buy, should you need to contact anyone from [CTRL]ALT directly, do not expect a response in this thread.
Should you have a problem, please open a support ticket on our site here:

We will of course do our best to maintain the thread, but for the fastest response please use the link above

Thank you so much

BunnyLake and the [CTRL]ALT team


This is delicious!
This will go well with my RealForce if I ever novamod it.  :thumb:

Ordered :thumb:

ordered.  i <3 hyperfuse.  thanks for making this happen, guys!

Ordered. Wallet shedding tears of pain but I'm shedding tears of excitement and happiness!


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