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[GB] KAM Sewing Tin 🍪 Extras live at zFrontier, ProtoTypist, Ashkeebs, Vala

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click here for the update about the re-make

Extras live at:
INTL: en.zFrontier
CN: zFrontier
UK: proto[Typist]
CA: Ashkeebs
US: Vala Supply (35% off until May 27th)


A tin of butter cookies! You lift the lid, but there are no cookies to be found: only pins, needles, and thread...

vendors / about / samples / renders / kits & pricing / tailor
deskmats / artisan box / collaborations / credits / contact me


Group buy live November 9th - December 9th
Estimated shipping date Q3 2022
Edit April 2022: Latest estimate is Q1 2023

US: Vala Supply
CA: Ashkeebs
INTL: en.zFrontier
CN: zFrontier
UK: proto[Typist]
OCE: SwitchKeys
SEA: Zion Studios

Cables: Cookie Cables
Artisan box: P3D Store


KAM Sewing Tin is a novelty-heavy keycap set inspired by cookie tins filled with sewing supplies.
Iím a big fan of butter cookies (the swirly ones are the best), and I also love to sew.

The original idea I had was a sewing-themed set with all sorts of sewing tools. When thinking about the
colour scheme, I remembered the classic blue Danish butter cookie tin, and decided to combine the themes.

Profile: KAM
Material: Dye-sublimated PBT with matte finish
Manufacturer: Keyreative

Colours and Samples

The set has a blue gradient to reflect the shininess of the tin. The numrow is cookie-coloured
as a fun way to incorporate and highlight the cookie colour against the vertical gradient.

Note: the colours are not an exact match to the tin. Because of the shininess, the tin looks
very different depending on the lighting and environment and has a vibrancy that canít be captured
in matte plastic.

Update August 12th 2022: Have received R2 samples, the issues from R1 have been fixed. See here for full info/thoughts on the R2 samples.

Update November 21st: I've sent zFrontier/Keyreative the request for R2 samples, including tweaking the two lightest
blues to be a bit brighter/lighter (other colours approved) as well as the following legend fixes:
- Alphas (incorrect alignment on 6,q,t,y,i,p,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,b - the alphas were vertically centered instead of consistently aligned,
the 6 was an error on my part that i fixed in kits/renders before the gb but after submitting sample files)
- scissors and cookie tin novelty (have printing issues in the current samples - scissors hole is filled in, cookie tin text is too thick)
- TKL text mods (for text legends)
- if possible, ergo kit to check printing of other novelties (tomato, brown-on-yellow cookie tin, zigzag stitches, cross stitches)

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get them all as there were some limits the last time I requested samples, will keep
this thread updated. The last round of samples took 6 months (May-November 2021), hoping this second round
will be faster given the reduced number of colours to match.

Previous updates/commentary on the samples:
MoreUpdate November 18th (copied from post reply): For the colour matching, I've spent a lot more time considering the matches and I'm very satisfied with the overall look and the colour matching on the yellow and two darkest blues. For the lighter two blues, they are a tiny bit on the dull/dark side - only very slightly in sunlight, but more noticeably in the lightbox and with dimmer lightings. Ideally, these two colours would be tweaked to be slightly more vibrant, though they are quite close already. As it stands today, I do think the colours are quite lovely and form a gentle gradient that matches my vision for the set as well as the Pantones and renders well, but yeah, ideally would be a bit more vibrant.

I am currently leaning towards requesting a R2 match on those two colours. I am considering the risk that the colour match could get worse, as the change required is quite small and I want to make sure the gradient remains nice and "even". I'd hate to end up delaying production unnecessarily if a better match than these samples isn't actually possible, especially given Keyreative's queue times. However, I'm requesting a second round of samples anyway + we received these samples at GB time, so we do have a "head start" of sorts.

Update November 14th: I have received the samples from Keyreative!
Overall I am very pleased with the samples. The legends are sharp and clean. The colours are a good
match to the Pantones and the renders, and generally match the vision I had for the set. The gradient
is subtle, and does look better in brighter lighting (in dim lighting the blues look more similar).
I'm most likely going to approve these colours, but going to give some more time before making
that decision final.

There are some minor alignment/printing issues on some legends (e.g. alphas are vertically centered
instead of aligned consistently with each other) - I am working on collating these into a list to send
to Keyreative for round 2 samples.

Previous photos of R1 samples:
MoreI have taken photos of the samples in different lightings on my Cute Keyboard Club Discipline65 and
with the Pantone fan. Some are below, you can view all of them in this imgur album.
Photos are not edited apart from the labels and collating/cropping them for the Pantone fan comparisons.[/size]


J-02 by ProtoTypist
Mixed base kit, Cookie Parade deskmat

Absinthe by /u/velvetjaguar and /u/reggatronics
Alphas + TKL text mods (note: fj should be homing)

Fuji65 by CMM.Studio
Novelty base kit + Alternate numrow kit + Yellow accents kit

Planck and Preonic by OLKB
Planck: Alphas + Ortho + Yellow accents
Preonic: Alphas + Ortho

Rama Works U80-A
Mixed base kit (note: fj should be homing)


Alphas + Ergo (note: fj should be homing)

Cypher by Cable Car Designs
Alphas + TKL novelty mods + Numpad + ISO

Maja by Vulcan
Novelty base kit + Spacebars

MiniVan by Trash Man (Case by The Royal)
Alphas + 40s

MoreBepovan by Taylor (KnoblesseOblige) from Aeternus Company
Alphas + 40s + Yellow accents

Portico by TKC
Alphas + TKL mixed mods + Alternate numrow, Sewing Tools - Blue deskmat

Austin by driftingbunnies
Alphas + TKL text mods + Numpad (note: fj should be homing)

Nemui by Bachoo
Alphas + TKL novelty mods + alternate numrow kit (note: fj should be homing)

Absinthe, U80-A, ErgoDox, Austin and Nemui renders by Ltafuri
Other renders by me using Keyboard Render Kit

Kits and Pricing

Sewing Tin provides both flexible kitting options (mods + alphas) and simple, minimal base kit options,
plus add-ons that can be combined with either.

You can view all kits as an imgur album here.

Base kits - mixed and novelty
All-in-one kits that provide support for common TKL, 75%, 65% and 60% layouts.

Click "more" to see the rest of the kits!

MoreAlphas, Alternate numrow, and Colevrak

TKL mods - text, mixed, and novelty
With alphas, supports TKL, 75%, 65%, 60% and HHKB. Includes alpha-coloured spacebars, F13 and stepped capslock cookie.

Spacebars, Numpad, and ISO
Combine with either a base kit or alphas + mods. Spacebars contains a 2nd B for Alice boards.

NorDe and Yellow Accents (Added September 17th)
NorDe kit created using this guide by Miguel Farah, thank you for the resource!
Yellow accent kit contains spacebars in common sizes plus accent arrow keys. 2c/2.25c/2.75c can be used for Alice bars plus 40s, double 2c is for ergo/ortho, double 2.25c for Whimsy, and double 1.5c is for split ortho boards.

Ergo, Ortho, and 40s
When combined with alphas or a base kit:
- the ergo kit supports Ergodox, Boardwalk, Sol
- the ortho kit supports Moonlander, Planck, Preonic, Lily58, Iris, Sofle, Corne, Ergodash
- the 40s kit supports Minivan, JD40, JD45, UT47.2, prime_e, dimple, whimsy

Note: These kits only have a novelty variant right now, as the gradient means text mods are a lot less flexible,
despite the uniform profile. Let me know if you'd like to see text mods variants for these kits!

Cookies and Buttons
For a macropad, macro column, or to just to have more of them! Also, cookie coloured versions 🍪



To make it easier to visualise the different options and work out what kits you need, I made the Tailor:
an interactive website that lets you explore how Sewing Tin can look on different keyboards.

You can try it out here:


Design 1 - Cookie Parade (rendered with J-02 by ProtoTypist and Whimsy by Fourteen)
I had the idea for this deskmat really early on while designing this set - cookies walking together,
the swirly cookie leading the way with a needle as a flag, with cute expressions and poses! I tried
to give each cookie their own personality and mood (hang in there pretzel ;___; ).

Available in both 900x400mm as well as a smaller 600x350mm size.

Design 2 - Sewing Tools
Since the Cookie Parade deskmat is mostly plain, for the second deskmat I wanted to design a tiling
pattern, and capture the other main theme of the set, sewing. Available in both yellow and blue
in 900x400mm.

Artisan Box

I've designed a "Sewing Tin" artisan box to match the set. It has a 3D printed body and engraved acrylic lid.

P3D Store is hosting a group buy for the boxes, running until December 9th up to maximum of 200 boxes.
You can select from all of P3D Store's in-stock filament and acrylic colours.

Note: due to technical limitations, the default configuration is no lid engraving. To get the engraving like
in these photos, make sure to check the "Add Sewing Tin Engraving" box.

Update 11/13/21: P3D Store is likely to be winding down 3DP operations after this GB, so the boxes will
not be available for custom order in the future. However, you can reach out to Jake about ordering just a lid
if you are interested (see here for info about 3DP file availability)

Thanks Jake from P3D Store for making these samples, and anEmptyJarOfNutella for the original suggestion!

Below photos by Mr. CBA and @craftedbyannie (featuring Annie's lovely critter artisans 🥺)

More photos here.

The fully 3D printed version of the box will not be available for purchase, but the files were available on request
for personal use, if you joined the keyset group buy. (Request form is now closed and files have been sent out)


I'm super excited to be partnering with these awesome makers on Sewing Tin themed cables and artisans!

Cable Collaboration: Cookie Cables are making matching USB and TRRS cables in tin blue and cookie yellow!
Cable group buy runs until December 9th.

Artisan Collaborations:
- Bowbie Keycaps
- Crafted By Annie
- Cantoclicks
- klaykaps
- meof caps
- Miroticaps
- Myth Caps
- n.Na works
- okeydokey studio
- shirouu.kaps

You can see some little doodles introducing each collaboration here!

THOK Encoder Knobs

THOK has created these "button" encoder knobs to match Sewing Tin! Available from most vendors listed above.
Available in Mellow Yellow (powder coated yellow brass matched to the set) and Brass Gold (clear coated natural brass), combined MOQ 100.
Yellow knob shown in a render of the Whimsy by Fourteen; lower picture of brass knob is a photo.

Asero Foundry Metal Artisan

We've partnered with Asero Foundry to create a metal "Sewing Tin" artisan.

This aluminium artisan is in modified KAM profile with white laser engraved design and blue cerakote finish.
The ceratoke finish will be closely matched to the second darkest blue in the set (tab/pipe row).

I had a lot of help getting Sewing Tin to this point! Huge thank yous to:

- the lovely Keycraft Collective community for the support, and for giving this set a space to grow:
  there's too many amazing people to name everyone, special thanks to Rosie, Andromache, pwade,
  and pluma for the help and advice
- KAMrades Therese and Hakata for the advice and summoning circles, and Purry for bringing us together
- Ltafuri for the sweet Absinthe, U80-A, ErgoDox, Nemui, and Austin renders
- minimoonbun for the super cute banner and favicon, advice, proofreading, help acquiring sample keycaps,
   and all the other help and support along the way 🥺💙
- Mr. CBA and @craftedbyannie for the lovely artisan box photos
- DrHigsby for all the help with the 40s kit
- ImperfectLink and Keyboard Render Kit for the fantastic rendering kit
- acitrin, Mirubere, NoPunIn10Did, matt, hali, and honorless for the kitting advice
- dvorcol for the graphs!
- my amazing and lovely collaborators: thank you so much for your Sewing Tin themed creations!
- everyone who filled out the IC, i read every response and your comments warmed my heart 💙


Discord: minicat#0836

I'll regularly post updates in this thread, my Instagram, and the #kam-sewing-tin channel in the Keycraft Collective Discord.


Help support Sewing Tin with this signature banner by minimoonbun:

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You can update your signature here - I appreciate the support!

2024-12-26 - Extras live at Vala Supply
- Ashkeebs - GB orders fulfilled, extras live
- Zion Studios - GB orders fulfilled, but some orders are missing B-stock kits/gifts - please contact with your order number for replacements if you are missing anything
- zFrontier - A-stock replacements for all original orders have been shipped. Some may still be in transit. A-stock extras are now live - note that these are A-stock ONLY (unlike ProtoTypist's extras) zFrontier will likely release their B-stock extras later on at a discount or as an event gift, exact plan not yet finalised
- ProtoTypist - ortho fix kits received and shipped to all affected customers
- MKEU - keycaps being shipped to MKEU by air (alongside other outstanding sets from zFrontier), estimated to arrive with them in November
2023-10-01 - Fulfilment continues, per-vendor updates here
2023-09-06 - SwitchKeys fulfillment update/issues
2023-09-02 - Fulfillment continues, replacements for ortho zigzag keys (only remaining issue in re-made kits) on route to vendors. Full update here
2023-08-17 - Re-made keycaps in transit to vendors. US, CA, UK, AU shipments are being sent by air and are expected to arrive in 7-12 days.
2023-08-10 - Re-make complete! Keycaps being packaged to send to vendors
- Re-make production continues and is now estimated to complete August 10th.
- GB/preorder thank-you gifts are complete and either with or on their way to vendors.
- R4 keycap samples for re-make received and approved
- Asero Foundry artisan complete and with vendors
2023-06-16 Keycaps are being remade: please see here for the full update/details
- Keycaps are shipping to vendors (either in transit from China, or awaiting shipment at vendor's forwarders in China). Only vendor who still needs to make arrangements is MKEU, am attempting to contact them to figure this out.
- Asero artisan collab is awaiting cerakote colour mix/match-ing.
- Keycap production complete! zFrontier orders shipped: shipping to other vendors being arranged
- Discord server has been opened - would love to see your Sewing Tin builds there!
- Asero artisan collab is awaiting cerakote and laser-engraving, and is expected to be complete this month.
2023-04-02 - Updated timeline from Keyreative - keyset is now estimated to finish production end of April
2023-03-31 - Keycap production update - reverse dye-sub started
2023-03-21 - New estimated production completion time for keycap production is end of May
2023-03-18 - Keycap production update - injection moulding & regular dye-sub complete, reverse-dye sub next
2023-02-22 - Keycaps in production!
2023-02-18 - Packaging files submitted to zFrontier
- Keycap production files submitted to zFrontier, R2 colours approved
- Deskmats shipped to all vendors, arrived at some
2022-10-23 - Photos of R3 samples here
- Keycaps - Received R3 samples, photos to come
- Deskmats - Production almost complete
- THOK encoder knobs - Received by all vendors
- Asero Foundry metal artisans - Still in production, no new ETA on completion
2022-09-02 - Due to a delay with the vendor placing the order, deskmats are now estimated to arrive with vendors in November.
2022-08-23 - R3 keycap samples requested for small tweaks to lightest 3 blues, will choose between R2 and R3 for final colours
2022-08-12 Full update post here
- Keycaps - Received R2 samples, much improved colours, legend alignment fixed
- Deskmats - Received R2 samples. Going in to production, estimated to arrive at US vendor in October
- THOK encoder knobs - Have been shipped to vendors
- Asero Foundry metal artisans - In production, estimated completion late August / early September
- Deskmat samples received. Cookie Parade & Sewing Tools - Blue going for a 2nd round of samples for tone adjustments. Sewing Tools - Yellow approved.
- THOK encoder knobs being shipped to THOK, shipping to vendors/customers expected to start in the next few weeks
- Keycaps - No updates since last time. New estimated shipping date is Q1 2023.
- Deskmats - Samples being shipped to lead vendor, ETA May 2022. Will be shipped to me afterwards.
- THOK encoder knobs - Awaiting shipment. Delayed from previous estimate, now estimated to ship from THOK in May 2022
- Asero Foundry metal artisans - In production, estimated to complete by July 2022 at latest
- Extra pre-orders are also now live on Vala Supply
2022-03-21 - THOK knobs are estimated to ship out April 20th
2022-03-15 - Heard back from zFrontier / Keyreative: due to recent COVID outbreaks, production has slowed down. No estimate for when the R2 samples will be complete. Deskmat samples should be completed in the next few weeks, and manufacturing should start soon for the Asero artisan.
2022-03-03 - No news from Keyreative, but some vendors have been invoiced. Waiting to hear back about R2 samples and format for production files. Also waiting on deskmat samples.
2022-01-05 - Latest estimate from Keyreative is that Sewing Tin will enter production in October 2022.
2021-12-30 - Artisan box production complete - all orders have been shipped by P3D Store.   
2021-12-27 - Sales numbers finalised - everything will be made! GB sales reached 141% of MOQ, 327% with vendor extras included. 
2021-12-18 - Artisan box files have been sent out to those who requested them.
2021-12-10 - Group buy complete! Awaiting final numbers from vendors. All keycap kits, deskmats and THOK knobs will be made: Asero artisan is TBD.


Love the design on the deskmats! Will be grabbing them for sure :)

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Group buy is now live at most vendors! (ProtoTypist will be online soon)

The raffle for our collab with n.Na works is also live:

You can see more pictures of the Sewing Tin t.api here:

--- Quote from: clickyblob on Mon, 08 November 2021, 04:15:33 ---Love the design on the deskmats! Will be grabbing them for sure :)

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--- End quote ---

Thank you for the support!! 🍪


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