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[GB] SLK Dessau Light and Dark (Replacement keys in production)

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Vendors and Pricing

Cannon Keys (US)↗
Deskhero (CA)↗
zFrontier (CN)↗
zFrontier (AS)↗
Yushakobo (JP)↗
Aiglatson Studio (TH)↗
Candykeys (EU)↗
ProtoTypist (UK)↗
SwitchKeys (AU)↗

Kit                       USD              CAD              CNY              JPY              THB              EUR              GBP              AUD              Base Kit$99$14474915,290฿3,55011299$160Compact Kit$40$582996,160฿1,4504440$65Int'l & Misc$40$582996,160฿1,4504440$65

Group Buy from May 1st, 2023 to June 1st, 2023
Delivery to vendors in December 2023

About SLK profile

SLK is a new uniform profile designed by Synth Labs, with the goal of making an aesthetically modern, low-profile option for MX-style switches.

Round top keycaps with capsule-shaped dish cutaways and tapered base
1.5mm PBT plastic with dye-sub and reverse dye-sub legends
Supports ISO enter and stepped caps lock
Produced by FK Caps

Design and Kits

The legends feature a modern monoline typeface with a number of base glyphs modified for a more cohesive look and feel.
Rather than keeping the original monospacing, each legend has been carefully kerned to read better in this context.
Edge modifier legends are also edge aligned both for aesthetics and so the legends can still be read when partially obscured by your hands.

Choose between Light and Dark colorways.
Colors represented are approximations of physical samples.
Lighting will affect final appearance.

Base Kits

Compact Kits

International & Misc Kits


Renders by @its.hymn↗


Turbulent Labs

A collection of handmade full-grain Italian napa leather desk accessories. Available in matching light and dark colors.

HIBI Lens Keycap

Protozoa Knob

Fits common encoders with 6mm shaft, 18.2mm diameter


Follow kema on IG @kev.nma↗
Follow Synth Labs on IG @synthlabsmk↗
Follow FK Caps on IG  @fk.caps↗

Join the Synth Labs Discord:

Approved :thumb:

none of the vendor links seem to be working.

Linked the vendors that are currently live !
Deskhero, CandyKeys, Prototypist, and SwitchKeys will be up soon and I'll link those when live

All vendors live now!

What's the measurement of the outer diameter of the knobs? Can't find their specs anywhere.


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