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SSD capacity

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Recently looks like SSD manuafacturers rather want to race against each other with SSD R/W speeds, instead of raising its capacity...

personally i dont feel like theres a need for higher capacity ssds honestly


--- Quote from: mohawk1367 on Wed, 01 November 2023, 08:30:15 ---personally i dont feel like theres a need for higher capacity ssds honestly

--- End quote ---
4TB is enough in most cases yes, but if your hobby is cinematography and you collect 3000 movies, then you need a bigger drive, or else you gonna end up having multiple ones and shuffling....

I'm running 8 separate internal 500GB ssds, and they are severely disorganized since I'm always shifting things around to make room and I am still constantly out of space. I had to download a special mobo driver just so my old junker can run them all, as it natively only supports 4.

I would freaking love to replace all that with just 2 4tb drives.

I would have agreed with 4tb 2-4 years ago but today with big games regularly coming in at 100+Gb, no.
4 today is where 2 Tb was a couple years ago and that's thanks to bloated game sizes.

Give it a year or two and 4Tb is going to feel cramped if you game much, if it's not already cramping you.

Forza - 150GB
Star Wars Jedi Survivor 155GB
Forespoken 150GB
Microsoft Flight Sim 150GB
Red Dead Redemption 2 - 150GB
Final Fantasy xv - 148GB
Halo Master Chief Collection - 140GB
Rainbow 6 Siege - 130GB
Call of Duty Mw2 - 120GB

While some of these include space for decompressing necessary install files and are not the final install size, if you use mods these sizes will pale in comparison. Mods can double, triple or even massively expand a games size, take for for example mine..
Fallout 4 - no mods 30Gb, with mods, almost 70GB
Left4Dead2  - no mods - 13GB, with mods over 500 GB
Then there's flight sim mods, high res X-Plane resolution terrain packs will put you into the multi-TB space really fast.


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