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SP Grab Bags are almost here

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The title says it all. Grab bags will be available next week. 2 pounds of straight goodness are on their way. For those interested here is how we are doing it:

1) We will be sending private invitations to anyone participating in a GB on the PMK site first. You will get exclusive first dibs. Just our way of saying thank you for supporting us!

2) Members of our newsletter, will receive second notice. If you haven't registered, but would like to, you can on the new PMK site at

3) We will be announcing last on our Facebook page at: We plan on making lots of exclusive announcements here moving forward. If you want to like the page we would appreciate it!

4) After this we will open the remainder of the inventory for public purchase at

Keep your eyes on inboxes, and thanks again for all your support!

That would be dibs not dips lol  :D

I'm only gonna get second dips :(.

hahaahahh Didn't you know DIPS is a acronym for I can't spell :/

or maybe I type to fast, I can't remember...

We can just picture someone 'dipping' a scoop into a bin of random key caps to fill up some bags.


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