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Hey Matias / Community,

I wanted to know how common quality issues are with the Matias products.  Either I had some very bad luck or the QC of the products isn't up to snuff.  I recently purchased a Laptop Pro and after typing on I noticed that it had a very strange problem.  The comma sometimes would type , sometimes ,, and other times ,,,.  I contacted customer service who first suggested I spray compressed air and do some funky stuff with a business card.  When neither of these things worked they happily sent me a new keyboard.  You can see a video of the problem keyboard here:

I received my new keyboard today and as far as I can tell functionally it works perfectly, however the LED light seems to be messed up as it shows through the side not the top of the keyboard like its supposed to. 

Both these keyboards have vastly different serial numbers:

Which makes me wonder if they were built in different factories?  Is my experience unique or have other people run into QC issues with Matias products? 

Everything aside, these are WONDERFUL switches I have to say and a pleasure to type on...


I had the exact same problem with the exact same keyboard (except it was the X key that was doing what yours did) and got the exact same suggestion on how to deal with it. I ended up returning it to the place I bought it from and got a refund. It was not only because of the defective key but also because, while the switches felt good, the rest of the keyboard had a really cheap build quality to it.

Now that I'm reading this, it certainly looks like there is some kind of quality control problem here.

Yes, my Tactile Mini only lasted a few months before breaking a USB socket (see my earlier post).  But that's more of a design flaw than a QC issue I think.

I haven't used the Matias keyboards, but I've installed two batches of Matias switches (the clickies on an Omnikey Ultra and the quiets on an Omnikey 102).  Overall they've been great so far (it's been 6+ months I've been using them).  I might have had one switch with a problem out of the set of quiet ones, but I don't remember what issue it had.  On the Ultra with the clickies, which I use 8+ hours a day, I had the Tab switch go bad and so swapped that out, and several keys have developed a little bit of keybounce which is what you described with the comma (,) key on yours.  I'm going to swap those switches out the next chance I get.  Maybe that's to be expected on any keyboard?  My previous work keyboard was a Das S (using Cherry blues) and that developed bad keybounce on a bunch of keys within just a few months.  I don't know if that adds up to a quality control problem or not, but it's my 2c anyway :-)

Mine Quiet Mini Broke the USB too! >:D I'm using one old Logitech membrane keyboard. I'm sad, very sad  :'(


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