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Moderation Team:
The purpose of a vendor forum on geekhack is to provide vendors both small and large a place to interact with their customers (our community), resolve issues, and post news about their goods. It is the expectation of the community that the vendors we give space to are trustworthy, timely, and are actually interested in communicating with our members.

Recently, there has been a lack of communication by sethk_, many users have expressed concern about items not being shipped, and have been concerned about the lack of a visible storefront or online presence. Sethk_ will be given 48 hours to respond to this post in a satisfactory manner, or we will have to consider revoking vendor status. A copy of this post has also been sent by email.

Community members, please feel free to respond to this announcement with your comments.

It seems that he is active online, and irl.

He also seems to be aware of the situation with outstanding orders.

Hopefully he does respond in time to clarify the situation.

I'll also post think link here:

To his last communication where he stated his plans for resolving the current outstanding items.

Since I was the main reason this happened with my thread : I'll post my experience.

sethk_ has always been a pleasure to deal with, very helpfull and seemingly hard working : taking lot of orders and building a various number of board for GH user (if the user that had boards built by him would show up that would be nice too).

We were talking daily through skype and knowing his young age I was finding it odd how many **** he was able to buy (clothes, pricy boards & keycaps ... ) even if he has a shop and seemed to build boards all week long. In the latest day before he stopped communicating he was trying to sell stuff that I would have never imagined him selling (favorite board, and other various items), so it got me intrigued.

That was for the background.

I proxied two europeans board for him on my money expecting to get it back later on the shipping of a Viper he sold me. But the Viper shipping got delayed forever. So I was getting worried of loosing this proxy money (that wasn't under any paypal protection).

So I had 2 payments under paypal protection (leds GB and Viper) but 100 out on which I couldn't use any protection.

This got me really worried and I started the thread above. I had to go public because I knew he could possibly get more stuff send to him and it wasn't right for people to be uninformed about the situation. (I tried to talk in private with moderator but never had answer).

With no answers to the thread, I transformed my paypal disputes into claims.
He finally talked to me on skype thursday telling me that my Viper was moving. I hadn't checked the tracking in forever and it's indeed moving my way. I wait on receiving it then will pay him back what I owe him (Viper price+ shipping of Viper - proxy) as my paypal claims will most likely get me my money refunded.
And that should be the end of the situation for me.

Other things he got on the way and that I'm aware of:

-his led & sip socket GB :
no one ever seems to have gotten stuff even if the leds exist, he seems to be refunding people that open paypal disputes.

- someone contacted me because sethk_ has his Kmac and parts for a build , sethk_ offered to solve it through skype

- he has over 1200$ worth of stuff from one individual person that used his proxy service

-and probably a lot of other stuff

He seems to want to fix his wrongs, not sure what happened and why he stopped communicating. But that's the worste thing to ever do in this kind of situation.

I hope this will all get sorted out

Seth claims to have sent out my board on Thursday (I'm the Kmac guy), but the shipping information still has not updated past "Pre-Shipment". But he has been communicating, although not much lately, and I really hope to have this sorted out quickly.

I pre-ordered some stuff from him

He since then maintain very minimal communication, or very little words on the communication
And one day just disappeared

Decided to open a dispute on paypal for one of the transaction late November and got a respond saying that he will be sending the item on the 4th of December, and asked me to close the dispute
I replied saying that I will be waiting for the tracking no, and will only close the dispute if the item is in "transit" - since some members experienced misleading tracking label from him

No news since then, and on the 9th of December he agreed to refund me

That's only one transaction of some, while the rest I could not dispute since it's already pass the regulated length


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