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Welcome Massdrop!

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Hello all!

I'd like to welcome Massdrop to geekhack as a vendor.  I'm sure we're all familiar with Massdrop and what they do, but they have now chosen to interact with geekhack in an official manner. 

User MassdropAlex will be the main representative for the time being.  Check out his introduction thread to read a little about him.

Per the Vendor ToS, this vendor subforum is now the official location for all things Massdrop-related on geekhack - group buys, discussion threads, and feedback.  For an example, look at how PMK happenings are handled here; all threads are in the PMK subforum by default, with the exception of heavily-community-organized (think intelli's TA buy, for an MD parallel) existing in the regular Group Buy subforum.  The Massdrop subforum will mimic that closely.  If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to post in this thread or send me a PM.

One goal of Massdrop's in interacting with the community is to better gauge interest and gather input on new releases.  I think you may be familiar with the HHKB aluminum case drop, and avoiding another scenario like that is something they hope to accomplish here.  But I'll let Alex give a little spiel on this topic if he chooses.  :thumb:

Let's give a warm welcome to Massdrop and Alex.  :)

(I will remove this thread in or after 2 months)

Didn't read but whoa, unexpected! Cool beans!

So excited for this!


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TL;DR: Welcome, Massdrop!

Hey there massdrop! Great idea getting more involved!  :thumb:


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