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Question from a Massdrop newbie

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So, I've been on GH a while now, but I've never done anything on Massdrop before.

I'm interested in the Royal Kludge RC930. I requested the drop, which was below the 200 threshold at the time. Now it's over the threshold, but there has been no response/update from Massdrop as of yet. Is this normal? How does this process work?

Is there an average delay between the threshold being passed, and a drop launching? Or is RK a slower vendor to work with than most?

They've got a whole subform here! You should ask there. Maybe a mod can move it for you.

But yes, this is totally normal. I'm sure it will come back soon enough. The MD team may be able to provide more insight.

Oops, I totally did not realize that! Thanks for pointing that out :)

Moved!  :thumb:

In my experience, massdrop will reach out after 200 requests, but it might take some time before it is actually dropped.


Thanks for both the move and your reply. Good to know. :)


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