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You got it, we want to hear it.

For immediate questions or concerns please PM i3oilermaker.

Each time I have ordered something it was a real pleasure. Shipping is very very fast, from US to Romania in just 10 days is amazing.
So keep up the good work  :thumb:
P.S: can't wait to find the time and build the GH60 I just got from you ;)

I asked a bunch of questions about the GH60 board both through email and read through some of his responses to similar questions on reddit. Was able to get me everything I was after. Looking forward to the build and future builds.

It's always great to buy from TechKeys!  :thumb: :thumb:

I ordered Enablers and Krytox lube for my personal project and it was shipped quickly.

Thanks again for accommodating my request to ship to my US forwarding address rather than my Philippine address.  It only took 9 days to get to me rather than the 30-?? days that air mail takes through PhilPost.


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