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Tell us how your shopping experience went with us or how we can improve it to make it better!


* Extremely fast shipping
* After receiving a defunct key in my order, I contacted support and heard back within hours. No questions asked, a replacement cap was in the mail the next day
* Great customer service
* I would by from KeyPop again in a heartbeat

It's been a pleasure dealing with Keypop. Extremely quick responses via email and very accommodating/understanding and exceptional customer service. Would deal with again!

I bought my first mechanical keyboard with black (unprinted) keys.

I wanted to enhance it with some keycaps so I ordered the following:

* red unprinted WASD keycaps
* Triforce keycap to put on F3
* Matrix keycaps (blue/red pill for CTRL, white rabbit and EMP for ESC)
the prices were very reasonable and it shipped really fast.

Unfortunately, the package was missing the Matrix keycaps.
I contacted customer support on Sunday, they wrote back (and shipped a replacement) on Monday, and it arrived on Saturday, on the other side of the ocean.

I am very pleased with both the keycaps and the customer support, I did not expect the replacement to arrive so fast.

My keyboard looks awesome with the new keycaps.

Overall, I highly recommend and would not hesitate to shop again.

I've bought two keycaps from you guys and I have to say extremely fast shipping.


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