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[GB] JTK Sundevil is Live! ||| GB has been CANCELED due to MOQ

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Repost from here

JTK Sundevil - Group Buy is up on zFrontier!

--- Quote ---The Story Behind The Sun Devil

Eyes burning, Bask stared into the sun. A power so immense that caused pain too surreal, he hungered to harness it.

As the eldest son of Lucifer he craved to leave his father's shadow and conqueor lands for himself. Stealing his father's all mighty pitchfork, Bask took it to the depths of hell and altered it, crafting a large ankh with which he would be able to wield the power of the sun.

Lucifer could not let this go unpunished.

As Bask set out into the world with his newly found power, a struggle between father and son ensued and the relic was lost into the depths of a chasm. To this day Bask can be seen roaming the deserts of the earth thirsting for the power of the sun, searching for the ankh to once again wield the power he covetted.
--- End quote ---

Renders done by Janglad:

Kit Selection

Buying Info

zFrontier will be running the set as a Group Buy on their website. I will also be purchasing additional sets to sell in my shop at

Pricing: $84.50 + shipping

Buy here:

Is there a MOQ?

Felllow clackers,

It is with sad news I must report that the JTK Sundevil groupbuy has performed terribly and it will be cancelled.
I appreciate all those who joined the buy; zFrontier will be refunding your orders within the next week.
Post Mortem Thoughts:

I attribute the failure entirely to my own mistakes one of which was marketing.

Although the set was inspired by the colors of ASU and the mascot (Sundevil) I thought more people would be open to the colorway.

I feel that Sundevil was immediately labeled an "Arizona" set from the get go and we lost interest there, my fault completely, I should have looked for a better name or presentation for it.
There are probably more reasons/excuses for why this failed but rather than dwell on them I just want to say thanks to the community. I've been around for about 3 years now and don't see an end in sight.

Much clackin' love.


I liked the set, and the pricing.  If you run it again, aim for a less busy time would be my suggestion.

Multiple sets are about to fail. Market is saturated at the moment. Keep it up and come back with something even better. :thumb:


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