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[IC] DSA 808 - Round 2 Finalist

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Inspired by the mighty rhythm composers from Roland:

Additional mock-ups:

Thanks to all that voted for 808 and particpated in general.  It's an honor to have made it to the final four. Good luck to all!

Massdrop vote link:

Hopefully you can answer this quick cause this would make deciding on who to vote for... really simple and quick... this is a option for your key set right? cause I am digging the colors and love love the orange on those dark keys.

Heya...MD said "one design only" and at the time I was plugging for feedback on reddit, it was an even split of opinion on the orange vs green and I coin-tossed for green. If 808 wins I'm hoping we can work on options, but I've really no clue how flexible they would be. I should've posted an [IC] here when I started working on the set. First time to the rodeo here.  :confused:   

Hope I haven't lost your vote, but regardless thanks for checking out the set and participating in the contest!

Miss Fitz:
If you DO win, and you DO get to talk options, PLEASE try include as novelties all the drum machine specific keys: Rhythm, Accent, Tap, Start Stop, Cowbell, etc. As a (hobbyist) musician, that's what really drew me to this set. I'm tired of Ctrl - Win - Alt keys, esp as a Mac user.:) Again, awesome set!

No worries! I will push for the novelties for sure; should be easy enough since they'll just be text. Thanks for your support!  :thumb:


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