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[GB] MAXKEY - SA Night King (Current Order Quantity: 63 sets)


Maxkey SA Night King

Designed by SiegeTowers of Pindutan Club Philippines

SA Night King is a set inspired by the famous TV series antagonist, Night King. Depicting the
Night King's characteristic coldness and brutality, the blue tricolor scheme was inspired by the
Night King's icy armor, crown and skin.

-SA Profile
-MX Stem compatible > * Colors: Mods: BED/#003649, Alphas: BEY/#4d8b92, Legends: BFO/#9dc3cb
-Thick 1.5mm ABS plastic with doubleshot legends
-Will be produced by Maxkey
-GB will be hosted by Z-frontier

Siegetowers is one of the founders of the Pindutan Club Philippines, a group of
enthusiasts aiming to further promote the importance and beauty of mechanical
keyboards by organizing, designing, and gathering together with the rest of the
mechanical keyboard community. Product GB Page!!

Renders by thesiscamper

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NOTE FROM Z - Frontier: Hello everyone, I got word from zfrontier that if we hit MOQ and price went lower than 100 we still get free shipping. So no worries about that anymore!


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