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Announcement regarding the Maxkey Nuclear SA keyset group buy

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Today, some of our customers in China have received Nuclear SA keyset from Maxkey. And it is like this.

The original design is as follow.

First, it is unquestionable that the actual colors of Nuclear SA keyset produced is far different from the Pantone colors in the original design. (Blue: Pantone 280U,Orange: Pantone 1485U)

As loyal fans of Maxkey, we are shocked! After three months of delays, much waiting and anticipation, only to be met with such an unacceptable result.

We sincerely apologize to all participants of the Maxkey Nuclear SA keyset group buy. We have not imposed a control that strict enough on the production process to ensure the quality of products from this vendor. We are deeply saddened for letting our customers down.

No matter the reason, we will stand and do right by our customers.

Some facts:

1.   Over the past three months amidst the delay, we have kept requesting Maxkey to fulfill production.

2.   Maxkey altered the original production schedule . The group buy order was Nuclear, SuperHero I, then Ashen R2. The actual production schedule was Ashen R2, SuperHero I, and finally Nuclear.

3.   We did not receive color samples from Maxkey

4.   Today, after repeatedly corresponding with Maxkey, they have agreed to have these products returned and refund them, but not agreed to produce the sets again.

As the host of the Maxkey Nuclear SA keyset group buy, we take responsibility for every single participant.

Within the coming week:

1.   For all participants who have received the set, please return the product directly to Maxkey and we will issue a full refund. Maxkey has stated that the buyer must send the keyset back, and will not cover return shipping. As a result, please contact our customer service when sending the keyset back, and we will compensate you for the cost of the return shipping.

2.   For all participants who have yet to receive the set, we will directly issue a full refund.

3.   For all participants, we will issue a 100 CNY or $15 coupon, with no minimum requirements for usage. An email of the coupon code will be sent to every participant later.

Starting from now on, we will require a production sample for all group buys we host in order to prevent such disappointment from happening to our customers again.

We hereby apologize to everyone again, and thank you for supporting zFrontier.

The announcement on Chinese site:

I'll buy one if anybody want to sell theirs

Good after sale

What's wrong with it? That looks exactly like what I would have expected from Maxkey.  Cheap chinese sets always have lackluster colors, and even with GMK the renders never look like the final product.

i'm got only the promotion code, but no refund, maybe it takes a very long time (((
order num #ZFI28172006


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