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The Eye Key - Mini bOss & Mini bO_Oss: Evil - 07/05-07/12

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Minion is a character in Despicable Me, owned by Illumination Entertainment, Minion has a movie in 2015, is a Minion fan for their cute and adorable, I've design them with a keycaps, with swaying eyes and resin casted 100%, as a maker, I, as well as you, I also want to own them on my mechanical keyboard, so I will open Group-buy in a few days so that you can also own them on your keyboard.

Thank you, hope you will like them

Update Group-Buy Horus and Group-buy Ha Long Bay

Hi guys,

     We waited for long because I did not update the information, we had some shipping issues, so we were late in Group-Buy Horus, they were shipped in the first round - May 29th and On the 3rd of June, I will have a shipping confirmation email to each of them from June 6-8, with shipping times varying from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the territory - Some have been notified by email, very sorry for this error.

     About Group-Buy Ha Long Bay, we are completing on schedule, will ship from 20 to 25 June, in addition to the booklet box, we have proceeded to sticker attached to donate to you, At the same time Group-Buy will have 2 stickers attached to the product.
Thanks for your support of our Group-buy, we will always create beautiful and quality products to you.

Wish you a good day, some information in the near future:

- Minion will have a Group-Buy in a few days.

- Anubis will have a raffer at the end of June.

- Ho Guom in Ha Noi - There will be group-buy in mid-July

Thanks ❤️❤️

Album sale::

11 -Banana! Thanks for the giveaway!

19 bello!

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