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Super pumped for this! As I mentioned on Massdrop, love the retro design aesthetic. The fact that it has USB-C and pass through is just icing on top.

You had mentioned in a comment something to do with a case or a cover for this board seeing as the original typewriter had one. Is this something you can bring up yet?

It is still in the conceptual design phase (and not by me), so there are no images of it yet.

What little I know about it at this point is that it is inspired by the original typewriter case cover in sort of the same way the Rocketeer case is inspired by the original typewriter housing.

Sounds good. Iím excited to see what happens.

Also, Iíve got the brass plate on my order but do you know what colour the aluminum plate would be?

Well, I specified that I wanted it to be dark gray, but I have no idea what it will actually be in the end. It's simple aluminum after all, so I would expect some unremarkable shade of gray?


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