Author Topic: Getting the most out of my HERO sensor?  (Read 894 times)

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Getting the most out of my HERO sensor?
« on: Sat, 27 April 2024, 07:23:31 »
Alright I'm going to preface this with I don't know much about mice other than those I like and those I don't.
I found out they remade the MX518 which always was great in my hand, so I went ahead and purchased it because I stupidly gave away the old one years ago to try something new. This was a few years ago and I was a rather impulsive youngin' mobdro
I read a bit about the new G MX518 Legendary having the HERO sensor and here's where I have a question or two.
I also never really paid much attention to my sensitivity, should I? - I just keep tweaking until I like it, but as far as sticking with one thing, never done it.
I play when I can but life often gets in the way, when I do play though it's mostly FPS. I play in 1080p@120hz.
I don't play CS:GO - I do play games like The Division, DOOM and other games that intrigue me.
How do I get the most out of my HERO sensor DPI-wise, what is recommended for 1080p?

Thank you for taking the time to read.
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