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This Thread Started as an Interest Check for a Vinyl Exchange program. Interest was not quite high enough so now I'm using this thread as a place to post pictures of your vinyl! Feel free to post any pictures of cassettes if that's your thing.

Anyways, Im keeping the original Vinyl Exchange info on this post in case people want to join in!

The Geekhack Vinyl exchange!

This is an interest check for a vinyl exchange (Records, LPs, Albums whatever you choose to call them), run by YoungMichael88, Halverson and Hoffmanmyster.

This is a rough outline of how it would work.

- Open to GH members under the same rules/conditions as posting in classifieds (exceptions may be made for reputable noobs at our discretion)
- You join by sending us your GH username, your top 3 music genres you would be most willing to receive and your location. (Please send this info via PM to all three of us so we can be more efficient in organizing)
- Open to North American members only (pending revision if enough international interest arises)
- You will be paired as best as possible with another person of similar interests in ONE of your top three genre picks (hopefully your #1 top choice!), and hopefully with someone close to you geographically. It might be very difficult to to match your locations and genres so by joining, you are accepting that you may have to pay whatever shipping cost is necessary. You and your trade partner can figure out what shipping method is best for you. TRACKING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If enough people insist on tracking in this thread, we will make it mandatory (If using eBay, Amazon or any other online store and you wish to send directly to your partner to save money, we will require proof of purchase and shipping info. We don't want anyone getting burned). 
- Once you have been paired with a partner and assigned your genre, you will send your partner a list of what you already have in that genre to avoid doubles.
- We will suggest a price range for your vinyl at ~$30 but you and your trade partner can agree to any other amount you want (and you can also discuss things like trading new or used vinyl in good shape)
- 12" vinyl only
- For those of you who have a VERY large collection in the genre you are selected for and are reluctant to catalogue it (understandably so), you may choose to substitute your "what I have" list with a "what I want" list. We do however ask that you catalogue your collection if possible to keep the surprise alive!!
- We realize that you probably have some distaste for certain bands even in your favorite genre, so include a list of what bands you absolutely don't want.

IMPORTANT: We will not be liable in any way for any lost or damaged records. We will simply be pairing you together and doing our best to ensure that everyone is playing nice.

The guidelines above are not set in stone and may change depending on the level of interest we receive.

Would anyone be interested in something like this? We plan to run it in a month or so if we can.

- YoungMichael88, Halverson, Hoffmanmyster

Reserved-Was thinking of using this space to keep track of interested members

-tactical stache?


This sounds like a really cool idea, I would totally join in this.

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