Author Topic: Turn the best sit/stand into sit only. Very special!  (Read 3066 times)

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Turn the best sit/stand into sit only. Very special!
« on: Thu, 25 March 2021, 03:16:24 »
There is only one way you can achieve this. Make sure that you have an Embody chair! It is a joke, okay.

On a serious note. I am a very small man. I feel my Embody is best with the lumbar on only 2-1/2 to 3 turns in. Is that okay or defeating the purpose of the chair? I would gather it is fully adjustable for a reason. IE, whatever setting fits you best. Even the Herman Miller Sales Man felt that was best for me. I purchased it directly from Herman Miller in person. It is new but luckily I was able to get the older, better fabric on a fully loaded model. To boot, he made me a great deal because it was discontinued. It was in the carton when I arrived. Not a floor model everyone had sat in already. They even assembled it for free. Rode back with it in one of our trucks. Tied down of course This was nearly a year ago but I love the heck out of this. I have tried many high end and more expensive chairs. To me, none are even close. I really do have to push myself to stand now. In fact I am not sure if it is any longer required. I still do because I am not sure. To give an idea how small I am. The arms are all the way in and really too far apart for me. I am done growing.  I got their real nice foot rest on big discount too. Adds to the not wanting to stand. The nice thing about the discontinued motorized Envelop desk is sitting you can even bring it to the right height if you are short or tall. I snagged that as well. I am not really cheap. I just take deals. I see nothing wrong with that. All of that plus the Vesa arms I would not exactly say was cheap anyhow. Oh and the keyboard tray. I really did not want the keyboard on top. Scooting in to write is great still. I just personally recommend Herman Miller. Very nice Folks and super quality furniture. Much more expensive stuff is often not as good.

I just wondered if only 3 cranks of the lumbar is defeating the purpose of the chair? I cannot stand any more at my small stature. I am aware that a good starting point is 6 cranks. That will cause me terrible pain. BTW, I would not call the Embody a posture boot camp chair. I liken it to the chair in a top of the Line Mercedes. If anyone ever had the pleasure of piloting one, you know exactly what I mean. Firm, yet supportive. The exact combination that provides for endless hours of comfort. In this case, perfect for coders. Just be sure that everything is adjusted properly. I am sure that my lumbar is. I just question myself. I am sort of insecure. I look to others for advice.

Anyway, perhaps some people would not like it. I gather for most it would be grail. You can get refurb ones for about nothing.