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Title: Affordable Low-Vision Keyboards
Post by: EdwardA on Tue, 06 July 2021, 06:53:21
Anyone can answer, but this one is especially for the ones who have low vision? No offence, but a technical person can understand this! Our eyesight gets weak when we're using a system in our daily life.

My question is, Do we have better options regarding keyboards?

Title: Re: Affordable Low-Vision Keyboards
Post by: Leslieann on Tue, 06 July 2021, 22:15:01
Getting a board with larger caps/fonts is a hassle and you pretty much won;t find anything good.

You can however get some with larger/bolder/higher contrasting fonts. Forget the high end specialty keycaps, you need the lower end(?) dye-subs. I use a set of 9009 thick pbt caps from HK Gaming which you can get for a reasonable price on Amazon, they feel great and are far easier to read than many others. I didn't need the larger font but I did need the higher contrast due to poor lighting in my office when I first moved in but these are easier to read.
Title: Re: Affordable Low-Vision Keyboards
Post by: Findecanor on Wed, 07 July 2021, 07:24:18
I have learned to type without looking at the keys, and I sometimes use keyboards without any legends at all. For a couple of years I even used keyboards with the wrong layout wihout any issues (UK or DE instead of SE).
I'm more worried about not being able to read small text on the screen in the future ...

If you want to learn to type properly then I believe that looking down at the keyboard as you are learning would be counter-intuitive.
Instead you could place a chart of the keyboard layout next to or under the screen.