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Unicomp Model M Repair / Transplant * AMAZING *
« on: Sat, 27 February 2021, 08:18:27 »
So I was going to order a Unicomp Model M and almost pulled the trigger. While hanging out with a friend, he said he had a real Model M he wasn't using. It was ugly, worn and hasn't been used in years. He had a better Model M he was using instead of this one. When I brought it home, I noticed it was a 1390131 with a born date of 9/5/1984.. Pretty much the most early Model M you can realistically find (it looks like it was sold with a IBM AT all the way back then).. I was thinking.. how can I use this?

While watching LGR's YouTube channel, he said that Unicomp had NOS Industrial Model M cases. I dropped Unicomp an email with pictures asking if they could transplant this modem M into the Industrial case and sure enough, they agreed. So I packaged the ugly one up, sent it to Unicomp and a week later, here it is. This keyboard feels brand new! It even types like it needs to be broken in and all the little details are there (even transplanting the real decal. I'm very happy with the keyboard and was glad to save this from someone who may not appreciate it or the garbage.

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Re: Unicomp Model M Repair / Transplant * AMAZING *
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 07 April 2021, 11:24:50 »
This looks very nice! The only thing I kinda take issue with is saying that Unicomp Model Ms aren't "real" Model Ms, which is purely because Unicomp does use the same tools and processes used by IBM back in the day to make the original Model Ms, to my understanding. You could definitely make a distinction in who was producing them at the time or say a "vintage M" or a "Modern M," but saying a Unicomp M isn't a real M just doesn't seem right to me. Maybe I'm just being pedantic though