Author Topic: AEBoard's Naevy V1.5 Switch Review (And More)  (Read 3348 times)

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AEBoard's Naevy V1.5 Switch Review (And More)
« on: Sun, 18 April 2021, 09:29:54 »
Hey all,

This was not a quick nor an easy one to write, but here it is nonetheless. Here is a review of the Naevy V1.5 switches from AEBoards with an entire extra background section to discuss the recent confusion surrounding JWK molds and what I will be doing moving forward. Oh, and the newest addition in the measurement section is much more pretty now too! It's definitely a lot, but hopefully you'll enjoy it!

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As always, thank you all for being patient as I continue on working to improve things about the reviews and website. I am a one-goat team and even though there are tons of things I want to do, they all take a lot of time to get done and I can only work so fast.