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Drop's SHIFT keeb
« on: Sat, 24 April 2021, 14:14:05 »
I opened for the silver model with the keypad and silent silver kailhs.

After lubing (which took MUCH longer than I was told it should take), I think this types like a dream.

I wish there were more resistance to the right enter key because I apparently hit it a lot. Maybe I should get a different spring in that specific switch? IDK.

The only problem is that randomly and frequently during gaming, my computer stops accepting inputs. I have to unplug and re-insert the usb, which is really frustrating to have to do during teamfights. I've searched Drop's community and there's no known solution. I've downloaded the firmware with no change in behavior.

Aside from that I think that a pre-assembled out of the box keeb is a nice entry into another reason my fun budget will always be drained.

When I write for my work, I find that this is far more comfortable. The keeb comes with magnetic lifts, and I'm more than happy to use them. I'm sure there are desk configs that prohibit their use, but I think that was an excellent addition.

All in all, for between $200 and $300, this is great for beginners. I've already budgeted for a better board and I've missed some GBs I was interested in. I saw some stuff on Alibaba that I might take advantage of, but I'm not going to impulse buy.

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Re: Drop's SHIFT keeb
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 28 April 2021, 16:57:11 »
I have two of them now as I bought one of the initial run, then a second months after the high-pro case model was cancelled. Swapped the stabs on one for something nicer and it really made a difference. Lighting not as bright as the alt, but don't care as this is a work board for using macros. Wanted to have one board in each remote and home office with matching macros, without having to carry the thing around (also remember to). Trying to avoid buying another for the one office where I still have to cart one to and from throughout the week, but really wanting to find something nicer for home. The USB passthrough is really useful if you have any other input devices, though I wouldn't try it as a phone charger if yours wants to rapid charge.

Another thing I wish I knew beforehand was that the drop configurator does not seem to have options for multi key sequential macros. If you want all the modifiers together with a key it has you covered (ie shift+ctrl+gui+alt+t), but storing a phrase or email address or something in a key (ie H->E->L->L->O) doesn't seem possible unless you venture outside their config tool into the QMK forest, which I'm not comfortable doing yet. 

Have put purple box switches on one, the drop pandas on another, with Durock L7s (78g) for modifiers and spacebars on both. The tolerances aren't quite as tight on the shift as they were on the alt -- the poly diffuser layer is not as precisely size matched to the top and bottom plates. The shift was affected heavily by covid and the drama at Massdrop/Drop unfortunately, and though the GB took over a year to resolve in something one could type on, it seems like it was still a little rushed in a few ways.

Note on configuration - oddly, there's no easy button on getting the board flashed in the way you might expect given how intuitive the web UI is for setting your config file. If you are a newb like me, it will take a lot of forum digging to find the precise ritual necessary to convert Drop's instructions into reality, but it is possible. Someone had to modify some file for Drop on their own, and I don't know that they've yet fixed it rather than just linking to the forum discussion where that user posted it. Know that there are different firmware versions and the same rituals don't work on each. I have to flash the two boards using different versions of the app, though most of the process is the same. Still better than the wretched configuration app that the GK21s/73s use as a torture implement on unwitting American aliexpress users. Drop seems to want to sell off the shifts and kind of keeps them in a separate category from the ctrl and alt. It's a shame, because there are people who do numpad work with keyboards, as much as this hobby's vendors seem to like to pretend otherwise. Mac users will have to install boot camp or find a windows machine for the time being as it doesn't seem like they have a Mac app working yet to flash. Mac users also don't have to deal with the input cutout NSkeptic describes to my knowledge.

Also, to anyone out there who hasn't tried the MT3 keycaps... I thought I liked SA, but those are the nicest feeling I have ever tried. They just need more color and icon/legend options. Currently they are sold in packs that are akin to hot dogs and buns, where you'll often want just one out of a 40 cap add on that costs as much as a regular full 108+ set in SA.

One note, the cases Drop offers do not fit the shift w/MT3 or SA caps on it and the feet. Some of them are going to come off. This is the best case I've found for it to date:

I wish they'd get around to making a full size or just this in high profile cases, including standard MacBook silver. It is practically impossible to find a high-pro alum case in silver w/ QMK(or VIA), hot swap, and type C. I have tried (read wasted a lot of money on) other boards that offer less. Considered a KBD8x MKII TKL + the numpad that match, but they never have them in stock simultaneously.

Overall, it's everything I "needed" for work without the endgame 6lb case in silver I "want," and for $190 in barebones, it's cheaper than everything else I've found that would otherwise tick the same boxes.