Author Topic: TKC Portico (hot-swap budget keeb by TKC) review.  (Read 3224 times)

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TKC Portico (hot-swap budget keeb by TKC) review.
« on: Fri, 11 June 2021, 11:53:30 »
In value for the price better than the NK 65 EE. The stabs are e3 screw in a bit rattly but with some modding and hole mods can be great. I used Tangies and Infinikey WoB. This board has the cleanest sound you will ever hear it comes with pcb plate foam AND a ****ing SLAB of silicone dampening. I hit my old desk with the silicone slab and my ears are still ringing. The two forms of sound dampening gives off a nice clean sound, the fr4 plate makes the sound slightly deeper but there's no way to make this thing lower than an NK65EE now ping whatsoever due to the fact that there is no metal in the board. and guess what GASKET MOUNTED LETS ****ING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. this gives it a wonderful flexible typing feel. some cons are its stabs and... um ... dang this board is nice. 9.5/10. edit: extras soon so hop on that.
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