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--- Quote from: macroxue on Wed, 12 January 2022, 00:46:34 ---The keyboard is well designed for ergonomics and looks stylish. Congratulations!

I noticed that it got some sharp edges. Is it easy to make them more rounded? I came across this video by Jan Lunge and was impressed by the smooth finish of the Dactyl. What do you think?

--- End quote ---

I think there are many styles that can look good. What is important is the ergonomics; and I can say we have done the very best we can.

In terms of style, we choose a minimalistic style for a number of reasons
1. A minimalistic style has a bigger chance of being timeless. We expect our keyboard to last a long time, so we want something that has a chance of not looking dated in 10/15 years.
2. It helps to keep the keyboard small. We want the keyboard to be as travel-friendly as possible. it is one of our unmet needs to bring the best ergonomics with us on the road. A minimalistic styling gives us an excuse to eliminate every design element that is not functionally essential.

I get it is not everyone's cup of tea to be minimalistic, but hope this helps you understand the rationale :D

Also the Kickstarter is happening on 25 Jan. Please visit for more info.

granola bar enthusiast:
this is really fascinating, i don't think i will ever in my life put in the effort or time to try to learn a board like this but i like the design a lot


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