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TypeHall - Keyboard GB calendar app for Android



Hi guys!

I recently published an app on Google Play called TypeHall which can be used to track current keyboard group buy and interest check.

You can get the app

Current available features:

* Product listing by types (Keycap, Keyboard, Deskmat, Others)
* Product listing by status (Group Buy, Incoming, Interest Check, Closed)
* Display item's group buy schedule, vendors, variants or kits (for keycap kits)
* Save item to Watchlist (login required)
Considered future features:

* iOS port
* Google Sign-In integration
* Push Notification to notify user the new live item and almost over GB item
* Probably REST API for everyone to use
If you want to list keyboard related item on the app, just put a post at

Any feedback is welcome!

Thank you!

The preview of the app


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