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Macbook or Macbook Pro??

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Oh well...

Leopard available Oct 26th!  (didn't EVERYONE already know this??)  ;)


I remember when Apple laptops existed only in movies.

(at least that's the only time I ever saw one)  It was as if Apple owned Hollywood.

Hmmm.  This is troubling.  I definitely need to spend some time at the keyboard of a MBP to see if it tolerable for me or not.  True, I will likely be using an external keyboard the majority of the time...but there are times that I will definitely need to use the on board, uhhh, board.  

The keyboards on my Thinkpads and my 1st gen MacBook are very nice as far as laptop keyboards are concerned.  I have to give the MacBook keyboard the edge though over the ThinkPads...but not by much.  Both are extremely sturdy with decent linear resistance (not at all mushy feeling...which I fear is what the MBP keyboards are like).

FYI,the MBP kb is great.
Never heard anyone complain about it.


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