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So, who's got Leopard?

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Anyone make the trip to their local Apple Store for the Leopard launch event?

Anyone get a t-shirt?  :)

Leopard unboxing photos.



I'm using Leopard right now.

Spaces is nice (would like a few more keyboard shortcuts though).

Time machine will be useful once I get my office rearranged and my external drive situated.

I use iTerm, so I've had tabbed terms all the time.

I look forward to messing with the new iChat.  Historically, I rarely do video chat at all.  But it is fun on the rare occasion.

I've also got the new iWork, iLife, and bought the Photoshop CS3 upgrade.  More to come on those later...Today, I must SHOP AT IKEA!!

What is the keyboard shortcut for Spaces? I have always wondered.


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