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Very nice screen, but I'd hate to clean it.

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So who thinks they'll be running out to pick up one of these bad boys once it's announced at MacWorld?

Not me.  Especially considering I have SIGNIFICANTLY more pixels on my 30".  (2560x1600 compared to the paltry 2880x900 of that 42")

that monitor was already announced at CES by dell/alienware:

video of the monitor for your viewing pleasure

Am I seeing sectioning of that display?  As though it is 4 4x3 displays pasted together?  (because you can see the line where it might be pasted?)  I remember the horizontal lines on sony screens about 10 years ago.  Gateway swore those were supposed to be there, I couldn't fathom building a display that exposed internals ON the screen.

I like the "2000-plus pixels of gaming goodness".  =-D


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