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Another MacWorld, another disappointment

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--- Quote from: iMav;2515 ---My biggest issue with the MacBook Air is the footprint.  I thought for sure the new MacBook Air would have at least a marginally smaller footprint than the MacBook. Instead, it is BIGGER!! (MacBook: 12.78" x 8.92" - MacBook Air: 12.8" x 8.94")

Sure, it's thinner...but the MBA is going to take up (marginally) MORE space in your briefcase, more space on your airplane tray table, etc. than the more powerful and cheaper MacBook.

I think the MacBook Air looks cool...but a laptop's "thinness" really doesn't have any real-world benefit for me. However, its footprint certainly does.
--- End quote ---

For portability, the MacBook Air can't hold a candle to my Thinkpad X60s.  10.6" x 8.3" (and only a half pound heavier than the MBA).


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