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Firefox 3 beta...anyone?

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Anyone else going to give Firefox beta 3 a spin?  I'm downloading it right now.

Is it any good?

It has to be better than the old Firefox, I've been using Safari for the love of crap!

Anyway, downloaded and installed, none of my add ons are compatible, so already it lost what I liked about it. But, it does seem to be as snappy as Safari, so that's a good thing.

you ever tried opera? it's the fastest browser imo.


--- Quote from: karlito;2966 ---you ever tried opera? it's the fastest browser imo.
--- End quote ---

Holy Cow, there is an Opera Mobile too!

Downloading that too.

So far, the best thing in FF3 is this:  Click the favicon of the website in the address bar and it tells you all about the certificate of the web site and if it is a "verified site" or not.  

Other than's FF2 with no addons or themes (so far).


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