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Weird / Cool thing in Leopard

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I just noticed this. As you can see, there is no way to program this in, so that is kind of cool that the MacBook has some way of knowing an HHKB Professional is connected. I'll have to try my other keyboards and see if similar results show up.

Mine shows up as iMate USB to ADB adaptor. Guess what keyboard I have...haha

That's slick.  My Matias frequently just stops working, forcing me to reach around the back of the iMac and unplug and replug it.  Sucks.  And the iMac does NOT recognize it, I have to go through the "press the key right of the left shift" "press the key left of the right shift" test.

Check it.

What annoys me about Leopard is that it doesn't respond to a remap of just the external keyboard... so I have to remap ALL keyboards to match the external, and then go back and remap the internal to be how I want it to be. And, that remap doesn't persist across reboots... or even sleeping.


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