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Any "Hardy Heron" adopters out there?

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Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) was recently released.  

Check it.

I'm reinstalling my ThinkPad right now.

Cool, I was running 7.10 and upgraded to the 8.04 beta. By the time 8.04 shipped I was already there. Its really nice to be able to upgrade the system without having to do a complete reinstall.

I have a 7.10 server I will try that on next. The upgrade path and package management are some real bright spots with debian based distros.

Overall, 8.04 is not a great leap forward from the previous, but none of them really are. If you like Gnome, then ubuntu is a fine choice to work with.

I actually use the new release as an excuse to do a fresh install.  Not because I feel my systems need it...but simply because I enjoy the process.  (workstations only, not my servers typically)

The geekhack server (well, it's not exclusively dedicated to geekhack  ;)  ) has been on vanilla Debian going on two years now.  Over the years, the server (in one iteration or another) has been on several distros (including redhat, turbolinux, slackware, and SuSE)...but for the past several years (prior to the move to Debian), I was a big Gentoo fan.  But I simply came to the realization that hardware is fast enough these days that compiling everything from source simply wasn't  worth the minimal performance gain.  So now I happily update in a minute or two what used to take a half an hour or more.

I'll be doing the update from the beta soon.  Still working on a full time vmware server in my spare time at home.

Free time at home:  Between 8-11 minutes on a Saturday.


--- Quote from: ashort ---Free time at home:  Between 8-11 minutes on a Saturday.
--- End quote ---

And who's fault is that??  :)


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