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Any "Hardy Heron" adopters out there?

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Games are a big issue, no doubt, but they are not a priority for me. I have an xp box for games and haven't turned it on in 2 weeks.... but I have spent whole weekends playing battlefield 2.

Ubuntu runs quite well for me though. I have empathy for those that have difficulty with it. If you are a new user it can be daunting. But whatever.....

After reading my previous post I want to make clear that my desktop usage is fairly limited. I don't use photoshop, visio,'s mostly web,mail, music and videos. So its not like I am missing out on a whole lot.


--- Quote from: jemkeys;4330 ---I'm a windows XP fan.  I tried ubuntu and it ran slower than my streamlined version of xp.
(I cut all the junk out of XP with n-something... can't remember the name)
--- End quote ---


your welcome.  =-D

I'll probably try kubuntu because i want to see if KDE 4 is all that it's hyped up to be.

From what I understand its still a little rough around the edges, ymmv....

I have used KDE and it is a good desktop, you can tweak just about anything. I use Gnome now, its easier on the eyes and simpler to use, at least for me.

I used to be a diehard FVWM v.1 user.  When major distributions stopped including it in favor of v.2 (and well after version 1.x had been put to bed) I would compile from source and happily use my antiquated desktop.  :)

I had a two year love affair with IceWM...but Gnome suits me just fine right now.


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