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Welcome Massdrop!

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Good news! Welcome MassDrop! :thumb:

Hey this is cool. Hopefully we can see even more good stuff run on Massdrop as a result of this.


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TL;DR: Welcome, Massdrop!

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Yup! Hah

Hey everyone! Super excited that we get to communicate here on some fun projects. As you know we get a lot of interesting things floating through our office, but there's only so much input the 3 of us can give on them. Fortunately you guys have tons of valuable input and opinions, and in my experience so far, no hesitations with sharing those opinions  :)

Livingspeedbump is already doing a lot of work with various community members on the HHKB case and ways to make it both more aesthetically pleasing while putting less hurt on your wallet. And we've got some keyboards with potential, that could use a little love so I'll hopefully get some of that going pretty soon.

Anywho, some of you have probably interacted with me plenty on MD and I'm happy to get to know everyone else. I look forward to some cool stuff :)



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